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Humphrey Auto Repair
Dell $35K, MC $15K, Office Depot $5K, Exxon $7K, BP $5K, VISA $12.5k, APPLE $7k, $63k MORE & LEASES
"I submitted a form to the TRUEBUILD Credit Program to inquire more about the services they offer. A man by the name of Pete, responded within the hour and gave me an in depth explanation of exactly what CCN could do for my business. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with him and subsequently deciding to sign up with CCN. It has been the best business decision I have ever made. Within three months, I had gotten approved for over $45,000 in retail credit cards alone.”
FICO Score 580

Madison Interior Exterior Painting
business loan $50,000 Unsecured, Non-Equity at fixed 6.25%

I knew this was the way to go after I had an expert look at my business credit. I had two tax liens that paid on my Experian file. I was totally clueless until I went with the program from CCN and had no idea that I was getting declined because of bad information. The free credit report and analysis was worth my 5 minutes of time but the $100k in Business Credit I received after having professionals on my side to fix things I didn't even know about was worth it's weight in CASH! Get your free report, trust me, I'm glad I did!"
FICO Score 670

Minds Eye Design
$150 K LOC, Lowe's $5K, Home Depot $10K, Office DEPOT $5K, & $70k OTHER APPROVALS NO PG
"When I found the TRUEBUILD Credit Program, my business was on the verge of collapse. Sales had slowed down and my expenses were on the rise. I decided to give them a shot. I immediately started getting approvals for dozens of retail credit cards. I had an 80 Paydex within 30 days, $50,000 in approvals within 60 days, and I was approved for a $150,000 loan two months later. The TRUEBUILD Credit Program really saved my company."
FICO Score 710



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